• Loyalty is Earned

    He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.
  • Obedience is Success

    Obedience is the mother of success and is woven into the fabric of a great retriever
  • Retrieving to Greatness

    Continuing the heritage of balanced, working field dogs that are driven by enthusiasm and agility
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Welcome to Goldsby Retrievers & Obedience

At Goldsby Retrievers & Obedience we offer several training options.  Therefore, whether your goal is to have a family companion or a finished gun dog, we can meet your needs and those of your dog. Most dogs enter our training program between 7-10 months of age.  However, we accept dogs in formal training as early as five months and as late as two years.  Because space is limited, we encourage you to contact us well in advance of your starting date to reserve a spot for your dog.

  • What to Expect
  • Obedience
  • Basic Retriever
  • Advanced Gundog

Our training philosophy is to work with you and with your dog together. We try to find your dog’s natural talent and ability, and then we work with your dog to help it reach its maximum potential. We also work one-on-one with you in order to build your handling and communication skills.

At Goldsby Retrievers & Obedience we specialize in Retriever Training catering to the waterfowl hunter. After your dog has completed our program, it will perform in almost any hunting situation. During the hunt your retriever will be obedient and under control until cast for a retrieve, yet enthusiastic about the task at hand. All trained gun dogs will feel confident working with their owners because of the relationship and bond established during the training process. If hunters plan to use multiple gun dogs, our trained retrievers are taught to remain calm and quiet while honoring the other dogs.

The overall goal is for the two of you to work together not only as hunting buddies, but as a TEAM!

Obedience training eliminates confusion. Your dog will know its place in the world and will understand right from wrong. In obedience training the dog learns the basic commands: sit, stay, heel, kennel, and quiet. The dog receives ample reward and praise. As a result, it is motivated and gains confidence. Obedience training is also a used to gain your dog’s trust and respect. Mutual respect between the dog and its owner greatly reduces the risk of being locked into a dominance struggle with your dog.

Obedience training is a step-by-step process, one in which you build on over time. It creates a solid foundation for your dog before it progresses to the Basic Retriever and Advanced Gundog training if you choose to pursue this course.

The dog learns the basic commands of sit, stay, here, heel, kneel, and quiet. To reinforce obedience commands, your dog will be conditioned to the electric collar. At this step, the dog will also be force fetched. The dog will be taught to deliver a bird to you without chewing it, dropping it, or mouthing it. Once your dog has finished Basic Training, it should be able to sit steady to shot and to mark singles or doubles on land or in water and to deliver to hand. The dogs will be introduced to birds, decoys, boats, hunting blinds, etc.

At the end of Basic Retriever Training, your dog will be considered a started dog. This process takes about four months to complete.

In Advanced Gun Dog Retriever Training, your dog is taught to mark and to retrieve multiple bird retrieves. The dog learns whistle commands and hand signals. Whistle commands and hand signals enable you to handle your dog to downed birds that they did not see fall. Retrievers must have successfully completed the Basic Retriever Course prior to beginning this training.

At the end of Advanced Gun Dog Retriever Training, you should have a good gun dog. This process takes approximately four months to complete.

Obedience Training Completion Time
2 Months
Basic Retriever Completion Time
4 Months
Advanced Gundog Completion Time
8 Months

All completion times are approximate

Training contract is required for all clients Download

Looking for the perfect program? Learn more about our various options and what works for you and your dog.

We offer a wide range of training methods custom tailored to your dogs needs and abilities. Contact us today to schedule a visit for a free placement evaluation of your dog.

Featured Video

Dixie on a Mallard hunt at Covey Rise Lodge in Husser LA.
  • Obedience Training

    Sit Stay Heel Kennel
  • Basic Retriever

    Obedience Sit steady to shot Mark single and double retrieves Deliver to hand
  • Advanced Gundog

    Obedience Basic Retriever Whistle & Hand Commands Blind Retrieves
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  • "Dixie and I are truly a hunting team thanks to Daniel Goldsby!"

    image John Barnes
  • "Daniel Goldsby not only turned Jager into a great hunting partner in the field, he is also the newest family member in our home."

    image Michael & Stacey Laurent
  • "I take great pride in watching Snoop retrieve birds while hunting on the water and in the field. I owe all of that to Daniel."

    image Brandon Maskew
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